what is the reason rock music has become a niche form of music?

if you look at the charts, any sort of rock is pretty much absent. The charts are dominated entirely by hip hop and pop. What made rock music disappear from the charts and become pretty much a niche form of music? 

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  • WazUp
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    6 months ago

    Rock N Roll,rock went into roll down hill!

    Crappy/commercial hip hop & pop music still!

  • ?
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    6 months ago

    Rock has gone as far as it could go, there is nothing really new or innovative or truly exciting anymore. We have had nothing new in Rock for at least 20 years, probably longer than that.  It has become the same thing churned out again and again and again. If Rock is not exciting, it loses its reason to exist.

    I don't mean that as a criticism, I love rock ...but it is, sadly, a fact. There are still pretty good young rock bands around, but their sound is always derivative and based on what went before them. Rock is increasingly an old-fashioned style of music with an aging fan base, which is why it doesn't really appeal to most kids.  

  • 6 months ago

    Because the charts.  That's why.  And no it hasn't become a niche form.

    The hit parade charts are ruled by kids, and kids want what kids want.  To do a comparison, let's compare music to food.  Rock & roll is equal to a precision-grilled steak with sauteed almond green beans and garlic roasted taters, while rap & boy-band music is a McHappy Meal.  Kids don't want steak and roast taters, they want the McHappy Meal.  Adults want something more refined, even if it's not available at a drive-thru.

    Rock has lived for decades, and will continue to live for centuries.  Twenty / fifty / 200 years from now, at any party, you'll be able to play Appetite For Destruction, Back In Black, Tattoo You, Dr. Feelgood, Bad To The Bone or  American Idiot and everyone will say "hell yeah" and demand that you turn it up.  Kanye and The Beebz will be lucky if they're remembered three years from now.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    I am amazed that rock and roll is still around. Few people, if any, are releasing doo-wop songs, a music genre that was popular in the 1940s and 50s. What about Big Band Jazz? How many Jazz tunes are topping the charts. What about classical music? Is there any topping the charts?  Yet there is no shortage of people buying Jazz, classical and yes, rock music.

    Teenage dance pop once dominated the top of the charts, but how many people still buy that sort of music? Hip hop will die out long before rock will. Music that is good will be listened to far into the future. Music that is fashionable but poor quality will disappear. 200 years from today, people will still listen to Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones and the Beatles.  They won't be listening to Hip Hop. Mark my words.

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  • Tony B
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    6 months ago

    The biggest issue is that music is no longer a major interest to most young people. They maybe like the noise it makes but they don't really want to LISTEN to it or really get involved in it. Nowadays records get to the top of the charts on sales that wouldn't even have got them into the Top 30 in the 60s or 70s.

    The media and the record industry have done their best to alienate and disenfranchise their biggest potential market - people born in the 1950s and 1960s. All that's left is “the kids” which is fine, it's as it should be, EXCEPT, “the kids” don't want to buy records anymore or even listen seriously to music.

    I'm 65 and I really have no interest at all in mainstream “music”. I listen to CDs I already have, only download music if I can't get it any other way and when there’s something new I want (and there is plenty really good new stuff I like) I buy it from the artists own website, specialist websites etc. I doubt my purchases have any influence at all on the charts.

    I believe that this is true of most of the people who listen to music (and most of them are “old”).  Rock music is as “big” as ever it was. It is certainly not a “niche form of music”. It's just that the charts, the music industry, the media and most young people have no interest in it.

    However, out of curiosity I looked up the current album top 30. Most of the artists I did not recognise so can't comment on but this is what I found:

    Number 1 is Taylor Swift, number 2 is Ronan Keating. Neither are”rock” but nor are they hip hop. I found albums by Fleetwood Mac (two of them), Bob Marley and The Wailers, Queen, Elton John, Ed Sheeran, Abba, Bob Dylan and Oasis.

    The acts I recognised were rock/pop. Of course it could be argued that any music that's in the charts is “pop”.

    To me, the fact that there are SO many records from rock bands that are “old” demonstrates that the interest is still there and rock music is still popular.

  • 6 months ago

    The charts reflect what is currently being purchased. The young people have always a the target of the music industry.

    I got pickier in my aging. 90% of the music I have never gets commercial radio play. Often it’s NPR and college stations. Definitely the internet where I can listen before buying.

  • ?
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    6 months ago

    Your industry. Much of Rock wants absolutely nothing to do with your corrupt big label world. Want Rock? Look elsewhere

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    ""Why do you think this is?"

    Rock nor Metal is bringing any new ideas to the table. And also, Rock and Metal hasnt really conquered the internet in the way that Rap and EDM has.

    Many Rock artists still foolishly believe that they can survive on touring, merchandise, and albums alone while putting little time and effort into creating and maintaining an online presence.

    To be a successful musician you also have to be a successful content creator on places like twitter and Youtube. Everything is done online now. And it moves fvcking fast.

    That whole 1 album every 2 years schit wont cut it anymore. The people who are at the top release a song nearly everyday.

    Do you know where the money is at right now? Rap and Comedy. Wondering where are all of those people who should be listening to Rock And Roll, but arent, are at? They are consuming Rap and Comedy.

    My band is set. We may not get the numbers that Periphery, Slipknot, or Animals As Leaders get. But we manage. We have merch, we have a kickassz internet presence, we've got Youtube channels where we conduct podcasts where we talk schit about various things going on in the world, and we release a single every week.

    And the great thing is that my band is down to 2 people now (Me: Lead Guitarist/Bassist, and a Drummer/Vocalist). I split my multiple Streams of income with 1 other person and together we bring home about $100,000. "

    Thanks for the easy 2 points, Mr ask-the-same-question-over-and-over-again. 

  • not
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    6 months ago

    I remember when MTV was music television. Had to wait till midnight to see any metal. No reason that anyone would make a music video to only have it played when everyone is sleeping and of course consiquently there was little made. I only recall one radio station in all of Southern California to play such music, KNAC. The multi genre radio stations have always blackballed metal and rock in general. Fact is my music has always been a nitche. 

    As someone who enjoys this music I had to go to the record store and blindly purchase albums to find out if I liked them. They were not spoon fed to me, instead I had to seek them out. That's not to say they are not popular. The popularity they have while being oppressed speaks volumes. Heavy metal was commercially successful while efforts were against it. They did make it on the charts without the airtime!

    Today I tune into the radio and I find "classic rock" stations. They play the same 20 songs over and over. Not sure their definition of classic but it seems to be 60s and 70's with a few cherry picked from the 80's and 90's. It's mind boggling; Thousands of peices they could choose from but nope, same stuff as yesterday. The simpleton rock music gets played over and over.

     An interesting one: Symphony for the Devil by Rolling Stones has been on the radio everyday for 50 years, played multiple times everyday on these classic rock stations today. It spells out a story clear as day yet nobody knows what it is about. I enlighten people to it's content who have literally listened to it for the whole 50 years, wow no neurons firing. 

    The huge problem that traps metal in a mitche is metal music is it demands a type of listener, a comprehensive mind, a philosophical mind. It just goes right over the head of most people. Research actually finds enjoying heavy metal music is a sign of high intelligence. Dumb music sells and people want to make money. Big hair 80's rock did do well on billboards (dumb music).

    In the end it's about money. It's easy to produce and sell hip hop and pop. The "artist" can be selected based on their marketability not commitment to the art. Their back story, look, style can be created. The music can be purchased from a writer and the "artist" will just perform it. Who would want to put up with a band like Suicidal Tendencies or Queen today when you can a la carte a profitable "artist". Music that doesn't stand the test of time also guarantees the new stuff will be purchased; more money yah!

  • its not a niche anymore. Its pretty much done for as far as making money in it.

    All the greats such as the Beatles and the Doors have already delved deeply into the genre, leaving the small musical individual like you with very little room to become substantial or make money

    All I got to ask you is - why should I pay to to listen to YOU when I can listen to the Beatles for FREE???????.

    You just a tiny speck in a world of a million different rock artists. What makes you DIFFERENT than the rest? 

    Hip hop, Pop or EDM however is a more diverse genre with many different sounds and rhythms. Every song sounds different

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