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Is it possible I could become pregnant if..?

I just had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. He pulled out during ejaculation but I’m not sure how much got in me then we immediately reinserted it without wiping it off and kept going for another 20 mins or so.. I was on cycle day 9-10 of my menstruation cycle that is 27 days. Could I be pregnant? 

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    Yes - pregnancy is possible.

    Sperm can live in you for about five days.

    On a 27 day cycle, you most likely ovulate at around day 11 to 13 - so his sperm will certainly live long enough for your egg to arrive.

    When a man ejaculates, the semen (and sperm) doesn't all come out of the shaft.  When he went back in and kept going, he would have been depositing the remainder of whatever was in the shaft after his ejaculation.  ( a man needs to pee to clean out the remainder of what is in the shaft )

    It only takes one sperm to cause pregnancy and with what might have been in pre-ejaculation and what might have gotten in when he went back in - he probably deposited thousands of sperm.

    Every form of birth control has a failure rate - but you failed to use any form of birth control.  Pulling out is not birth control.  Going back in after pulling out makes pulling out completely worthless as even an attempt at "birth control".  

    If you don't want to be pregnant - get plan B ASAP and then use REAL birth control next time.  Either make his wear a condom or get yourself on some kind of birth control that you control.  

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    Yes, you can become pregnant. 

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    Not yet, but yes, you could certainly become pregnant. It could take a week or more before implantation for the time of sex.  You had unprotected sex in your ovulation window. That means that there is viable sperm in your body and that it is likely to still be viable when you ovulate. Sperm can last about 5 days.  An egg is viable for about 24,  If the live sperm meets the egg in that 24-hour period, conception is likely.

    If you don't want to risk pregnancy and it has been less than two days since you had sex, your best option is to take Plan B.

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    Start buying diapers kiddo, you could have very easily gotten yourself pregnant.

  • Yes , you could get pregnant .

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    Sex without birth control is the single most popular way to become parents.

    Pulling out is not birth control.

    Wiping is not birth control.

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    Of course you could be pregnant as he put it in without condom and is releasing sperm as soon as he is aroused and when he pulled out he left a few thousand sperm as to over 60 million when he does come and it only takes one sperm to get you pregnant and that is the reason my daughter was a teen mum, go get Plan B, Good Luck

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