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Do all the latest games still work on windows 7?

Windows 10 has been a horrible experience for me and every second I use it I badly want to go back to windows 7. It is generally very slow and acts weird at times like double clicking a folder opens its properties window, right clicking on the screen has no effect at all, win defender keeps detecting viruses on excluded folders, automatic updating and much more. I badly want to go back to windows 7 but as microsoft ended support for it in january this year, I suspect that modern games will also stop supporting windows 7. Do you know about any game that requires to have windows 10 and only work on it? Do you think future games will stop working on windows 7? Because I play plenty of games and I don't want to miss out on anyone.

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    Yes, there have been some games still made for Windows 7, but I suspect that in a few months time, most, if not all games, will be made for Windows 10.  It was the same way for me with DOS 6.22 and the horror of Windows 95.

    I grew up on DOS 6.0, then we upgraded to 6.22.  After a bit of time, this new operating system called Windows 95 came out, but games were still being made for DOS.  After a few months however, more and more games were being made only for Windows 95, and the DOS games became less and less.  So, I switched over to Windows 95, it was awful.  It would crash when you would try to do some tasks, and I switched back to DOS 6.22.  But I then had to bite the bullet, and switch to the Windows operating system, because every single game, was a windows compatible game.

    I won't switch to 10.  I've used it at work, and it sucks.  It's not a good operating system.  So I'm stuck for now, and if microjunk makes Windows 7 unable for use, I have a Linux Mint bootable CD ready to go that I'll make a 100% full time switch to Linux Mint.

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    Most recent games should support it, some may support advanced features only on windows 10 like dx12 (though the more open vulkan seems to be better supported and is available on windows 7)

    Going forward as windows 7 becomes less common it will probably be gradually dropped off official support from games publishers.

  • ?
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    6 months ago

    Windows 7, in general, is still supported by most programs.

    That being said, I'd stick to Windows 10, because it's far more secure and gets regular updates. Or, if you're really concerned about speed, download a Linux distro like Ubuntu or Linux Mint.

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    Windows 10 can't be slow. The cpu performance is poor. Almost 80-90% games will support to Windows 7

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    You must have a crapppy computer because windows 10 is awesome if you have a solid state drive, 16gb of ram, and at least a core i5 8th generation.

  • Adrian
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    6 months ago

    Most games will run ok in WIn7, no reason why not. Game performance depends more on the GPU/CPU/RAM that you have in your machine, and with the same hardware, games will play about the same on Win 7 or Win10. (for the same hardware)

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    I think that you have an installation issue, because windows 10 is faster, not slower than 7.  All benchmarks are faster.  I had 7, 8, and 10, and once you get used to 10, it is far superior, and far faster.

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    windows 7 still runs well and antivirus programs actively support it. You should have no problems, as the instruction set is the same.

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