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Do I really need prism glasses and also concerned about getting them?

I currently wear glasses and suffer from astigmatism, however recently I have been getting dizziness, feel like if my eye is pulsating, and notice when I go on my computer or mobile phones I see the screen and text slanted and also I do not suffer from double vision. My optometrist had told my that one of my eyes tends to shift away and recommended me to an ophthalmologist and to another specialist who did other measurements and said I did not require prisms or anything of that sort, this was about two years. I recently went back to my optometrist and she recommended a new prescription with no prisms in it. However I am still experiencing these issues. I took a second opinion and this optometrist said she noticed my eyes move a bit to the sides and she recommended prisms with anti fatigue lenses to reduce eye fatigue, and suggested vision therapy however that is out of my budget, she suggested to get the prism glasses. I have visited my family doctor, had an MRI, which is normal.

I am concerned if the prism glasses can damage my eyes or affect my eye muscles and force me to take vision therapy or some sort. These are my prescriptions below.

Prescription 1

od sph -2 cyl -1.50 axis 180 prism 1bi

os sph -1.5 cyl -1.75 axis 180 prism 1 bi

od sph -1.75 cyl -1.50 axis 175

os sph -1.25 cyl -1.50 axis 006

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    That isn't a lot of prism. It could make your eyes more comfortable though. Worst that can happen is that you will continually need to wear prism. That isn't a problem as long as you continue to wear glasses. The prism that you have been prescribed will actually make your glasses a bit thinner. If you are planning on wearing contacts or are considering refractive surgery like LASIK, you may not want to get used to wearing prism.

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