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Besides his looks, why do people love Brad Pitt so much?

Women want to sleep naked with him. Men want to be him (or, in the very least, look like him).

I mean, I don't deny that he's been associated with many good movies. But, does the man really live up to the legend? There are moments when I think people just care more for his looks than what he actually does.

So to Brad Pitt's fans, I ask you this: Why are you so fond of this enigmatic, yet tremendously popular figure?

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    Talented actor, but I don't know or care what he's like outside of films, so it's fair to say for me and probably a lot of other people, we "love" his work, but not him as a person. But who knows he could be a great guy, I just think Hollywood and fame corrupts so they're all very weird. 

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