what is the value of a Bundy flute seral number 341199?

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  • 6 months ago

    Not in my flute studio at the moment , so will update - but if this is nickel silver (which has zero silver in it), closed hole C foot  - and assuming average wear and probably needing pads replaced, etc. - value of *maybe* $50.  Frankly, hardly worth repairing unless you use this only as a BEATER for. marching band.  I did not ask for a model number because all Bundy flutes were beginner/entry level.  I would never ever have one of my students get one if these - they are zillions of better choices now, even used.  You can check the Reverb site - but most there in a similar degree of make as yours,  have been reconditioned.

    ///Added - this serial says 1951/1952.  this would also be *old scale* - a type of construction that NOBODY WANTS anymore, because it plays out of tune! - manufacturers retooled in the Sixties to greatly improve this.  So this thing is NOT WORTH repairing - might make a cute lamp, with an electrical kit that would cost more than the flute is worth. No, this does not count as some kind of antique, if that it what you are hoping for.

    Source(s): Multiple degrees in music, professional flutist and teacher in NY since 1973.
  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    It's worth 34,11199$

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