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In the game Cornhole, is one’s arm allowed to cross the foul line?

So I just bought myself a rec league traditional Cornhole board. And after reading the official rules that came with it, I am unsure if a player is allowed to cross the foul line with their arm. Or if the foul line only counts for a player’s feet.

According to the American Cornhole Association (ACA)...

“A foul bag is defined as:(a) Any bag pitched when the player has (1) made contact with or crossed over the foul line, or (2) started or stepped completely outside the pitcher’s box before the bag is released”.

I have even looked at videos of professional Cornhole games, and it is still unclear whether a player can have their arm pass the foul line or not.

I’d like to assume that the foul line is similar to bowling, in that the line does not count for anything above it. 

I didn’t know where else to look. Is anyone able to clarify for me?

Here’s the link to ACA’s website: https://americancornhole.com/rules/

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