International bands?

I'm looking for bands that sing in their native language. Rock, alternative, metal, and indie are all welcome. Yes I know of rammestien. I prefer just about any European languages and Japanese, I'm open to korean.

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  • 6 months ago

    Luedji Luna

    Ai Aso

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Crowded House "Dont Dream Its Over"

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  • 6 months ago

    Dubioza Kolektiv (from Bosnia)

    Dubioza Kolektiv - Volio BiH (I Would Like)

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    Dubioza Kolektiv - Kažu (They Say)

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  • Newton
    Lv 7
    6 months ago

    Google the word Cantopop and the phrases French pop and bollywood songs

  • 6 months ago

    Antimateria (atmoblack from Finland)

    Lunar aurora (atmoblack from Germany)

    Der Golem (darkwave, post-punk from Russia)

    Alcest (blackgaze from France)

    Amesoeurs (blackgaze, post-punk from France)

    Les Discrets (shoegaze, post-rock, dark folk from France)

    She Past Away (darkwave, post-punk from Turkey)

    Havah (post-punk from Italy)

    Massimo Volume (post rock from Italy)

    Consorzio Suonatori Indipendenti (alternative from Italy)

    Aquefrigide (altrenative metal from Italy)

    I cani (indie pop from Italy)

    Baustelle (indie pop from Italy)

    Cosmetic (shoegaze, noise pop from Italy)

    Verdena (alternative from Italy)

    Afterhours (alternative from Italy)

    Il Teatro degli Orrori (alternative from Italy)

    Noir désir (alternative from France)

    Ulan Bator (post-rock from France)

    Drudkh (atmoblack from Ukraina)

    Parálisis Permanente (post-punk, deathrock from Spain)

    Arkona (folk metal, pagan black from Russia)

    Kælan mikla (darkwave, synthpop from Iceland)

    Heaven in Her Arms (screamo, post-hardcore from Japan)

    Finntroll (folk metal from Finland, they sing in Swedish)

    Lifelover (black metal, post-punk from Sweden)

    Boris (stoner rock, stoner metal, noise, etc. from Japan)

    Envy (post-rock, post-hardcore from Japan)

    Jun Togawa (new wave, synthpop from Japan)

    Eiko Ishibashi (jazz pop, art pop from Japan)

    ok? :)

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