How can I import products from Taobao to my online shop?

I have a shopify store, how can I do dropshipping with taobao?

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  • Jay
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    You are drop-shipping...aren't you?

    One MORE time: You will not make money from drop-shipping, thru Taobao or any other forum or wholesaler no matter what the books, videos or other marketing materials you have seen or purchased say.

    This is because no matter what company you use to drop-ship products for you…They will ALWAYS have their own website that has the products you want them to ship for you.

    Example: You decide your niche is iPhone cases. So, you find a company that is KNOWN for beautiful iPhone cases and they both make them and will ‘drop ship’ them to your customers quickly. They will sell you the iPhone cases for $36.00 a dozen…no matter what design you choose.

    You know that is a great brand that everyone wants. You know people are paying $15.00 each in stores. So, you make the arrangement with them, you set up your website to sell the cases for less than the stores. You sell them for $8.00 each (+ shipping). You think you can make $5.00 profit on each one. You think that if you sell 100 a day you will make $500.00 a day.

    You now advertise your website. You wait for the money to roll in.

    BUT AT THE SAME TIME: The Company is STILL advertising them at $5.00 each…$36.00 for a dozen…FREE SHIPPING. People looking for those designer iPhone cases will find them at the store for $15.00 each...and on various websites for anywhere from $25.00 each to $5.00 each from the same people you are buying from.

    Where are people going to buy the cases? Same brand same quality... lots of different prices? They are going to buy them from the company that charges the least and can ship them the fastest, and ship them free… And THAT company will be the company you bought them from.

    Additionally, whenever they do ship something for you...they will include THEIR catalog of products so YOUR CUSTOMER will see they can get a lower price somewhere else. Basically…all you were was an advertisement for another company to make profits with. You were a ‘patsy’. You have been screwed, scammed, bunkoed…anything you want to call it…You are literally screwed out of business.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Why not ask Taobao rather than total strangers?  Are you a spammer?

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