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Why is Japan a snobby subject?

Jspan is just one country out of many, with regular people living out their daily lives just like anywhere else on Earth. But talk about it online or real life with people from other parts of the world, and they act like only certain people are "worthy" to have a discussion about the people, culture, entertainment, language etc. 

After living in Japan for so long, I'd like to talk to more people about my past experiences and what's going on over there nowadays. But it gets the wrong reaction out of people, as if there's no way I could know anything about that Japan. So I end up having to bottle up several years of my life. But talk about Europe Australia Latin America Africa etc and people seem more receptive. Why is that?


When I mention to others that I just came back from living in Japan, t

he response is kind of like "I'll pretend I didn't hear that." As if they refuse to believe me. Sooo what am I supposed to say about the past 15 years of my life

I'm not bragging

 about it nonstop, I'm just disclosing my background mostly.


As strict as Japanese society is, it's like a "white glove" topic outside of Japan. Weird thing is I never really encountered that attitude among foreigners in Japan when I was there

Update 2:

If someone asks me where I'm from and where I've been, I'm gonna answer

. I'm just saying where I lived, I'm not saying anything about Pokemon and Pocky or anything like that so don't twist my words around

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  • Dave
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    3 months ago

    Japan isn't nearly as snobby as France!

  • Quinn
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    4 months ago

    Just because you want to talk about a specific subject matter does not mean others have to listen. It has nothing to do with "snobby subject" whatever that suppose to mean. To have a conversation means to discuss matters that are of interest to BOTH parties. There are many people who are interested in the culture and people of Japan, but that does not mean you just walk up to someone and start talking or bragging about your experiences in Japan..  

  • 4 months ago

    I don't think it's what you are talking about that rubs people up the wrong way, it's just that you sound a self absorbed bore. 

  • 4 months ago

    You don't really get into specifics, so it is not easy to go into detail. But a lot more than other countries, Japan seems to provoke a huge number of hyperbolic views, both for and against.

    For the latter, some of it is neo-nationalist crap from Japan's neighbors. They are fed a constant diet of hate and vitriol from their governments and special interest groups that Japan is just awful and evil incarnate. It is also frequently used as a distraction when there are problems, corruption, etc in their own countries. North Korea is the biggest culprit in this - when people are hungry, your economy is in shambles because your leaders are kleptocratic tyrants and criminals, just whip up some hatred against Japan to distract the people. This has spread to China and South Korea as well, and each has some difficult socioeconomic problems. This is not to deny that Japan in the past has committed some absolutely horrific war crimes more than 75 years ago.

    Then there is a number of westerners (mostly white) who go live in Japan, and then  suddenly discover that this time, they are the minority, and there is some xenophobia against them. Dealing one to one with the Japanese is rarely a problem (though every country has some knuckle draggers), but dealing with the Establishment can be another story. What they face is usually a small fraction of what minorities in their own country face, but now that the shoe is on the other foot, it is the worst disgrace on the planet. It is an absolute fact however that you are an outsider in Japan, and always will be. There are quite a few foreigners in Japan who get the short end of the stick, usually when you deal with the Establishment - banks, landlords, the cops, and so on. So some people definitely have some legit grievances.

    On the other side of the coin, there are some who just gush and swoon about Japan being the best place on earth. Many are adolescents who just love anime and manga. In the past there have been countless pipe dreamers asking about how they can go toss their citizenship and go live in Japan forever. It's like some kiddies saying that they want to go live in France forever because they just love brie cheese. It shows an astonishing puerility and lack of awareness. Most have never set foot in Japan or lived there for any considerable time. Some western Japan haters are in fact former Japan groupies who got a sledgehammer in the face discovering Japan is not all one big candyland manga paradise or high tech dreamworld.

    Then there are the Japanese themselves. They do comparatively a huge amount of navel-gazing about Japan and their place in the world, not to mention how "unique" they are. They are also acutely sensitive to how Japan is viewed in the world. They are a people with a high sense or honor and reputation, in addition to a very strong homogeneity and conformity that permeates everything. If you are in Japan and are critical of some act of corruption or incompetence by a politician etc, some Japanese might feel offended that this foreigner is "attacking us". On the other hand, there are very few places in the world where you wouldn't be as well treated as in Japan - if you need help or get lost, there are many who have had some Japanese go waaaaaay out of their way to assist you, without some ulterior motive to rip you off, cheat you, or of take your money from you. If you lose your wallet in Japan, there is a fairly good chance you'll get it back - with nothing pilfered. Think you'll get that in Europe, China, or even your own country?

    Again, you don't go into detail about your life in Japan, where, how long, etc. If you spent enough time in Japan, then you will likely have a number of very good and not so good experiences. There is good and bad about Japan, just like every other country. And mentioning one does not make the other go away. If you are having disagreements with others, it may be because you are not discussing something with someone who knows Japan - they just have their _image_ of Japan. I lived in Japan for over a decade, and have been traveling back and forth over about 40 years now. There is much to like, and much to dislike, same as anywhere else.

    Don't trust anyone who is either too positive or too negative about the place.

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  • 4 months ago

    Japanese video game developers and voice actors deserves a huge praise.

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