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He said he wants to see what the future holds?

Me and this guy have been casually talking since April and I told him that if he was my boyfriend that I will be loyal to him. He replied, “Well want to know what the future hold.” Does that mean he does not see me as a potential girlfriend? 


 Before I made the boyfriend comment to him, he had been saying that he wants to be with me and this weekend when I told him I was going out he said, “Don’t be down there cheating on me.” 

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    What the future holds as regards a relationship is determined for the most part by those in the relationship, not by some random outside events. I think it is an indication that the guy is either not that interested in you or avoiding making a commitment to anyone. Guys like this often just want to have sex with a woman without any other level of commitment involved. You're probably better off finding someone else that is more suited to your relationship goals.

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    Doesn't sound like it does it.  That's what YOU want.  Maybe he doesn't want to be tied down yet.

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    Unless he refferring to something else like the Corona virus and restrictions having to so with how the public and elected officials are handling it, he would otherwise be avoiding the commitment to the relationship.

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