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My old wifi showed up but no internet?

I recently moved into a 2 floors house. Upon checking my room there’s an coaxial cable running inside I believe is from a previous owner install. So I took out my own modem and connected that cable to it and my old wifi popped but it says No internet, secured. Do I need to call the ISP to activate it? 

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    The wifi is the router, is nothing to do with internet connectivity.  You need the modem part to be provisioned (essentially, they map the modem's mac address and allow it to talk to the ISP mapped to your account.) 

    It usually takes a few minutes to verity things.

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    no need isp any technician can help u to set up new wifi

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    Yes.  They need to know that you moved and give equipment in the area the right codes to let your modem work.The WiFi side of the modem doesn't actually need the internet to work. This is what you are seeing.  Once the ISP sends their equipment settings, it will work.NOTE, you probably need your MAC address. This is on a sticker on the modem itself.

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    Yes, of course you need to call them.

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    Of course you do. The wifi signal is broadcast regardless of whether there is an internet signal or not.

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