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I saw in a dream yesterday that someone stole all of my money....what does this dream means?

 I saw that i was in a big hotel surrounded by too many people and for a while i left my purse in the table and i had gone to see something

Then when i came back all of my money in my purse had dissapear

Then i told to an assistant that someone stole my money and the assistant came to me immediatly and she told me that she knows about my stolen money

I was wondering how can a person stole my money in front of too many people and nobody had notice that....

The thief never found in the end

It was like he was invisible or a spirit than a person.

What does this dream means?

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    Sounds like you have seen something of value being taken from you. For example maybe with quarantine you have lost a position you worked hard to get, and it was stolen from you "in plain sight" with no one punishing the thief, which is not a person but an invisible force. 

  • 6 months ago

    Maybe the dream had to do with something about not reiling on others to take care of your treasure. 

    Many others have their own burdens and hardships, it be nice if someone took care of their own and in return can teach others to be responsible. 

  • 6 months ago

    I have answered your question twice before.  Did any of my answers to your question help you?  

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