Is the background music in musicals live?

I am aware that most of the time the singing in musicals is live but i was wondering if the background music was too. I thought that there might be an orchestra or something like that performed live but i wasn't too sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Preferably West End as i live in Britain and would love to play in one.

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    You posted the same question twice - could have given this additional info on the earlier one.  If you are thinking of a career - or even subbing - in the pit orchestra of THAT LEVEL of musicals - then realize what you are up against.  The SAME agent books almost all the NYC shows - and the same people, for decades, pretty much move from show to show - as one closes, they are booked for the next.  Most have degrees from fine schools like Manhattan, Juilliard, etc.  The newcomers are often hired as runners - the literally run form the end of one show, to sub in the evening performance at another theater.  They can do that for YEARS before one of the old guys dies  - ahem, retires - and then they hope the get hired on a more regular basis.  These are not the jaded BigBand players of decades ago - these are the TOP players that have connections within the industry.  So if you are truly serious - I hope you are a STUNNING player now, and if a wind player especially - a tripler or more.  If you just want to give this a try for FUN - then perhaps a local community group doing a music will employ musicians for the pit - not likely, since they operate on a shoestring, though. Good luck - but tell us more about your current musical status and credentials/experience.

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    When you attend a musical theatre performance in the West End or on Broadway, there is a live orchestra. Usually they're in a pit at a lower level than the stage and not easily visible to the audience.

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