Do residential construction companies excavates land to?

I am interested in buying land and buliding a house on it. However, the land needs to be cleared. I was wondering if I hired a builder would they clear the land in addition to buliding my home? Or is that something I have to pay for separately (with a different company)?

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  • 2 months ago

    A general contractor would provide the necessary grading and ground prep.  Whoever draws the plans should provide you along with the build plans a grading plan.  You want the general contractor to be responsible for all construction and prep work and included in his bid.  If not, should some time in the future should a problem arise you don't want the general contractor try and pass off any grading problems (like flooding) or compaction problems on a third party.

    Any decent general contractor will do the work himself or hire a sub-contractor for grading and include that in you contract to build.

    In addition, the area where your house sits, the foundation, the ground would most likely have to be compacted.  The general contractor would nomally provide the compaction and the compaction tests required by you local building code.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    A full-service contractor could arrange that for you, but they won't do the clearing themselves.   Like many of the jobs in building your home, they will hire a subcontractor and then mark-up what the service actually cost and pocket the difference.  

    If you want it to be as economical as possible, shop around and hire someone yourself.    Depending on what needs clearing, you may have some timber to sell.

    Some builders may not want to deal with clearing. 

    By the way, clearing and excavating are not the same thing.

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