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Will Albert Pujols Former Saint Louis Cardinal And Now Los Angeles Angel Since 2012 Becomes The MLB's All-Time Leader In RBIs?

Since The RBI Thing Started In 1920 As A Official Statistic. RBIs Look It Up! 


This 2020? Challenge Accepted! 

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    Not this year.

    Pujols is 4th all time but is a full 217 RBI's short of Hank Aaron's mark. Pujols' career high is 137 RBI in a single season, So even if he was playing like he did in his prime he would need another 2 full seasons to catch Aaron. And this season is set to be roughly 1/3 of a season (in terms of the number of games).

    And Pujols is clearly past his prime. His offensive numbers have been on the decline for several years now - for example he hasn't topped a .250 batting average since the 2015 season and hasn't topped a .500 slugging % since 2012.

    Pujols is currently only 6 RBI's behind Alex Rodriguez for 3rd place on the all-time list, so he'll probably surpass A-Rod within a week or two (possibly sooner). But then he'll have a long way to go to reach Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron, and since Pujols is already 40 years old with declining numbers its hard to imagine him playing long enough to reach either of them.

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    No. He needs 218 to pass Aaron. Not going to happen. This 'seasom' might not get to 60 games and there is no way he'll get anywhere close to 200 in 2021.  His last 10 seasons, including the last two in St Louis, ne averaged only 96 RBI each year.  It would take him staying healthy for the rest of this year, all of next year and well into the 2022 season, and maybe all of it, for him to have a chance and he'll be 42. He averaged just 124 games in 2018/19 and scored just 157 RBI.

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