Is my sub-panel correct?

I have an 80 amp sub-panel in my shed wired about 150' away from a 200 amp sub-panel in my garage (I live on a farm, so I have a lot of subs). My 80 amp sub is wired like the pre-2008 NEC. From the 200 amp garage sub, it has only 3 wires going to the 80 amp sub, two hot and a neutral. At the 80 amp shed, it has its own local grounding system with a grounding rod right next to the shed. The local ground is a 4 guage copper wire hooked directly to its rod. Now my question is, the 80 amp shed panel does not have its neutral and ground bus bars bonded, should they be? Why or why not? My 200 amp garage sub has the post 2008 NEC with the 4 wire setup going directly to my house main panel, and my garage has no grounding rod. Thanks.

1 Answer

  • 6 months ago

    Your 80 amp sub-panel shouldn't be feed from the 200 amp sub-panel.

    It may be code compliant, but it is NOT rational.

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