About aries man ?

How can I get aries man trust me, and his guards down? He don't tell me anything, and I ask something he is not comfortable he is just laughing. He doesn't tell me anything about him self. What can I say to him? 

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    5 months ago
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    His "zodiac Sign" is ONLY his SUN sign, and all that indicates is how he relates to himself.  You would have to look at this Moon, his Venus, and his 5th House to get some insights into how he relates to others

    The thing is ... astrology won't be very helpful with your question.  We react to others according to what OUR subconscious patterns are, and how closely we read YOUR subconscious cues as being compatible with ours .. and usually this is NOT a good thing.

    But this is why we fall for someone.  And that also means that if they don't fall for us, then there is not a thing we can do about it.

     Alot of guys, especially younger men, are not comfortable talking about personal stuff.

    And trust is always a choice. Either they decide TO trust us (which is always a risk) or they don't, and we cannot influence that.

    In the end, it comes down to this ... if someone is compatible with us and we are both emotionally-mature enough to make a relationship work, then the attraction is mutual, grows slowly, and we are able to accept each other flaws (although this usually takes about 20 years of being married to master that).  

    So do yourself a favor. Don't bother yearning for someone who is not interested in you OR who doesn't offer what YOU want. Certainly, from what you say, this guy doesn't offer what you want, so why do you WANT him?

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