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Forgot to change water for moss balls for 12 months!!?

So I have 3 jars of lovely moss balls. For the first 3 years I had them I changed half the water once a week and cleaned them very often. The past year or so I’ve been very depressed (my wife passed last June) I can’t quite remember the last time I changed the water but it had at least been 7 months. When I was changing it today both of the jar lids had a black substance on them that I can only assume was mold and one of the jars wouldn’t even open for a good 10 minutes and the top of it wouldn’t pop like it had been sealed or something bacterial happened. The water is clean and they have ice now but I don’t know if they survived or how I would tell. The jars were out of the sun on a shelf in my room which always had closed windows. What do you think happened? Did they survive? Is there anything I can do? HELP

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