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How do girls get such small waists and thin thighs?

I’m not fat, I’m actually more on the thin side. I eat healthy and go on walks and jog. But I always see these girls that have a very flat stomach, small waist, and thinner thighs. Whenever I do eat any junk food or big meals it seems to go right into my thighs. But I end up burning it off. And my stomach has a small amount of fat around my bellybutton area that doesn’t seem to go away. I’m 18, but I’m 5’1 and weigh 100-105. Should I just cut down on my food intake?

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    It has to do with your body type. I'm quite close to your size and am also pear shaped, which means the weight goes to my thighs and hips. Because of this,I will never have the iconic Instagram-friendly skinny legs unless I become underweight. Those skinny girls you see either have a fast metabolism, are anorexic, or photoshopped (VERY likely if it's on social media). You probably look better than you think.

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    At your height and weight you do have a small waist and thighs. Anyone with smaller waists and thighs is underweight (unless they are also shorter than you). Not something you should aim for. 

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