Those who are low income, and bought a house, how?

Hello! I am just gathering info and seeing what my options are. This would not be immediate as I am still saving for a down payment.

My entire goal, would be a country property with a house, and space. That's it. I am not looking to flip, I am looking to obtain a house. Even a fixer upper, I have connections to a carpenter and a roofer.

I will likely be training dogs after covid, as im experienced, but I am also finding it difficult, as I cannot board dogs here. Its harder to train dogs who immediately go back to normal after a lesson (owner deciding not to maintain the work) versus 2 weeks of repeated expectations then training the owner to maintain the expectations afterwards. This is another want to move.

Currently we rent under a slum lord, and I imagine that just doing repairs as soon as the come up instead of ignoring us would be amazing (our landlord plays everything off and never fixes anything)

I make around 14028 a year outside of dog training, together we make 28,000 a year without dog training. 

Does this sound do able?

Once we actually have the space, I can actually get my dog training going again, and better than before.

How did you get to where you are right now, making as little as we do?


I dont own where I live. I am living in a slumlords house. Apartments cost $1200 minimum right now.

Update 2:

Not US.

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    6 months ago

    Where are you living that house is affordable? if in the us, with that income, you should be living in a small apartment.

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