Oil in coolant (F250)?

I bought a 2011 F50 with 300K+ miles. When I bought it it had an oil leak from the turbo but no signs of other issues. I replaced the turbo and a few weeks later I noticed white smoke. I replaced air filter, fuel filters, and ccv filter honestly seemed like it got worse. So I replaced the turbo again and that fixed the smoke for about a week now the shop thinks it’s an injector issue. Now here it is a month later and the smoke stopped on it’s own but now it’s an oil leak plus oil in coolant. Is this truck just a lemon or is the mechanic a dumbass? Any suggestions on what to look into next? P.S. truck runs absolutely fine and isn’t throwing any codes.


So I topped off on oil and boom white smoke again. I’m guessing it went away because it was low on oil from the leak plus burning. And also after flushing the coolant I that it’s not oil just super dirty for some reason. I last drained the coolant about three months ago.

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Check for a bad head gasket with a block tester.

  • 2 months ago

    It isn't a lemon, but it is worn out. Oil in the coolant hints a blown head gasket. 300k miles- you bought somebody else's problem. It was good for about 200k. Take a look at each spark plug and see which cylinder the head gasket is blown on. It will be fouled. You can't talk the engine into behaving.It will take wrenches and a machinist.

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