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Horse with 1 testacal ?

Ok I have a horse that I noticed would get stiff erections and I did not  pay it much attention at first till it started happening alot and I thought that he had got gelded  but  I was wrong I was grooming him when I noticed he had dropped so I'm like ok he relaxed so I kept grooming and look down again and he was erect so I felt around his ball sack and to my surprise  he still have 1 testacal he so ez going that I could not tell I ride him he's not agresive  at very ez going get alone well with the other 2 horses  what should I do

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    What should you do?  Get him gelded.

    It's possible when he was gelded, he either had a retained testicle that has now dropped (though no good vet would leave one behind) or has some other issue in the scrotum that needs to be addressed.

    It's possible he's a cryptorchid (a male who has one or both testicles retained inside the abdominal cavity, where it is sterile but still producing all the male hormones).  Any good vet would refuse to geld him without removing the retained testicle.  Even if the owner couldn't afford the surgery to remove a retained testicle  no  responsible vet will remove only one - too often the horse is then sold as a gelding when in fact he is still a stallion.

    Even if the horse is easy going now, you shouldn't assume he always will be - he won't. 

    Have you had him around mares in heat?  Mares in heat who really want to be bred?  I bet he's not so easy going then.  Even if he is now, that's no sign he will be later.

    Please have the vet out to check his testicle, and then do as the vet advises.

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    My troll alert sense gave me a precautionary bad smell. 

    z666 wrote what would be a good answer, except that she forgot to check whether you had asked any other questions. She wasted a lot of effort providing good advice to a nasty troll.

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