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How to make uncured honey ham lunch meat taste better? ?

I ordered ham lunch meat from Instacart and my shopper grabbed the uncured meat rather than the cured meat. I have 2 pounds of it and I would rather not waste it but my toddler doesn’t like the taste of the uncured ham and I can’t have it since I’m vegetarian. I’m curious to know if there’s any tips on what I can try to make it taste different. My son claims that there’s a different smell to the meat when he eats it.

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    It’s fun working around those Instacart fails, isn’t it? I don’t know what the flavor difference is and I’m not 100% sure this would help, but you could try frizzling the ham in a pan with some butter and have it with eggs for breakfast or on a grilled cheese sandwich? 

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    never heard of uncured ham...uncured ham would be pork....

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    Maybe you could make 'roll up's' wraps with flour tortillas, lay the ham on the tortillas, adding  some soft cheese [perhaps a smoky one], roll them up and slice into little 'pinwheels'. 

    You could add different fillings to the ham to 'take over the flavour'.


    Corn Relish.


    Try wrapping a slice of ham around a frankfurter and make it into a corn dog [the ham would 'take on' the 'frank' flavour].

    Shred the ham into strips and put in quesadillas, omelettes, scrambled egg, quiche.

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    I'd use some up in a pasta bake.  By the time you've added the base of your choice (eggs + milk, white sauce or cream o' something) cheese, sliced leeks, garden peas, broccoli florets, corn kernels, cut green beans, sliced mushrooms, and/or diced peppers, and topped it with panko mixed with more cheese I doubt they'll be able to taste the "weirdness."  If they approve it's good to know that pasta bake freezes well in pre-cut portions.

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    So tell him he eats it or he doesn't eat anything.  You're raising a child, not looking after the crown jewels.

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