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is it not strange that the stock market keeps going up and up? the NYSE is almost near level where was before the pandemic started, why?


the economy is bad or not? why?

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    Actually the answer was on the news a couple of days ago.  It's because the Dow Jones Industrial Average includes only big enterprises and they aren't doing that badly.  Car sales are actually up over this time last year for example.  Pharma and healthcare industries are raking it in.  And a lot more.  So the DJI is reflecting the good economic conditions of the big firms.

    It's the small enterprises that are hurting and going bankrupt or just closing down.  It's the restaurants, the hair salons, the shops in the shopping malls, and those small things that are hurting.  And the DJI does not reflect those.

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    All of these answers are correct...but Oldprof just totally rocked it!

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    Investors are betting on better times in the future.

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    6 months ago

    The stock market is not the whole economy. It's a small part of it. One restaurant chain can do well, while five others go under.  That's how it goes.

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    6 months ago

    The 1% gave themselves 2 trillion of our tax dollars to make that happen.

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