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First trip via plane - need some tips?

I will be flying for the first time. I'm excited but nervous. I'm staying within my own country and the flight will only be about an hour and a half. Since I've never flown in a plane before, I have some questions.

1. What is the best bag to carry? I won't need much. Just enough for a weekend trip. I will be flying back home Saturday. I leave on Thursday... so it's only going to be a couple days worth of items (clothes and personal care items). I know how to pack pretty well, but I've always traveled by car. So I wanted to be sure I chose an appropriate bag so I got through security quickly and easily without a hassle.

2. Can I also bring a purse or something? I will want to have something like that to hold my phone, wallet, keys and other essentials while I am on my trip. Will I need to place a small purse inside my bag or something or can I have both? Where is a good place to purchase a bag for my things WITHOUT ordering online so I can have it before I leave on Thursday afternoon?

3. Is there anything I'm not allowed to bring on a plane aside from obvious things? Can I bring a razor to shave with? Am I allowed to bring some alcohol-based hand sanitizers and sanitizing wipes?

4. Will it be scary to fly? I don't know what it feels like when taking off or landing but that kind of has me nervous to be honest. It will be somewhat daylight when I leave then start getting dark by the time I get home.

5. Is there anything else I need to know about as a first-time flyer?


Went well. My bag was fine and kept with me. I was allowed travel size personal items. I was allowed a razor and extra pack of blades. Bag went through security just fine just as I did.

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    1.  If you plan to carry on your bag (rather than check it), then you need to check the airline website and see what size bag is allowed.  I use a small carry-on-sized rolling duffel bag when I travel for just a few days.  But there is no one right bag for everyone - different people have different needs and preferences.  Just make sure that the bag you choose will fit within the size limits given.

    2.  That depends on the airline, and maybe also on the ticket type you purchased.  Again, check the airline website.  Most allow you to take a carry-on bag for the overhead and a personal item (such as a purse) for under the seat in front of you.  Some only allow a personal item for free, while others only allow a single item (it can be one or the other).  

    3.  You can bring a safety razor (where the blades are fixed in a cartridge), which is what most people use for shaving.  You can take any kind of razor if you check your bag.  You can bring hand sanitizer as long as it meets the rules for liquid/gel items in your carry-on bag.  If you are in the US, go to the TSA website to read these rules.  Your wipes are fine.

    4.  It's not scary to fly.  Takeoff is fast but usually smooth, and landing is hopefully smooth with maybe a bump or a hard braking at the end.  You can barely tell you're moving through most of the flight.  

    5.  Check the security rules of what you can and cannot take on board.  Be prepared at security to remove your shoes and any outerwear.  You will need liquid/gel items in a baggie (1 qt) that needs to be taken out at security.  You should get to the airport extra early since it's your first time. Airports are easy to navigate but you don't want to be stressing yourself out.

  • 1) Something that will fit in the overhead bin.  I'd suggest wheeled or a backpack you can fit quite a bit in.

    2) You can carry a purse and a carry-on bag with you. 

    3) No razors in carry-on bags (you can put it in your checked bag); the blades could be a weapon.  Hand sanitizer and wipes are fine.

    4) Until COVID-19 I was on the road 20-25 weeks a year. I find air travel rather easy, and very safe.  You're safer on a airplane than in your car.

    5) Give yourself plenty of time; print your boarding pass at home before you go to the airport, and get to the airport 2 hours before your flight (this will give you plenty of time to check in, go through security, and get to your gate.  If it's an option, slip-on shoes are a good call since you have to remove your shoes when you go through security (I've been buying slip-on dress shoes for years).

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    I will only address #4 since others have given you good answers on the other questions.  The main thing is to distract yourself.  Bring a book with you and read it before take-off, during the flight, and when landing.  I usually bring a New Testament to read.  

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    1.take a small back pack a small utility bag which

    you can sling it over your shoulder

    3.liquids are not allowed

    4.just hold on to your seat and pray!!

    5. yes act normal and dont sweat

    like a "wanted criminal"

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    1 - one big enough to fix everything you need, within the size limits of the airline you're flying with. 

    2 - generally yes; check the airline guidance

    3 - you can't bring a razor on the plane; you can check it if your luggage is being stowed. Check the airline guidance for other restrictions; wipes should be fine. 

    4 - up to you; I don't find it scary, others do

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    Don't get nervous 15 seconds after takeoff when the wheels are retracted and slam into the underside. Sounds like the plane is coming apart!!

    Also, on a short hop, a 737 takes off faster than others and presses you into the seat a bit. I find it fun. Landing, these planes also seems to brake harder, also fun. Others are more boring.

    As for a bag and a purse, they should be allowed. But as others said, no bag is perfect for all, JUST DO NOT BRING A HUGE BAG as a carry-on. 14 X 22 inches is usual. 7 to 9 inches thick. Purse is supposed to go under seat in front, which is ok for those without feet. It can go overhead as well if you wish. Just don't make a scene about it. Or about anything!

    I always am allowed nail clippers. No lighters, metal over an inch or two which could be used as a weapon. No liquid in excess of 100 grams, or 3oz., I think. 

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    You don't mention what country you are in, because that matters to some degree, but the rules are pretty similar in most countries. has the rules on what you can and can't bring in both carry-on and checked baggage in the US.  Most countries have similar rules.  If you are in another country, check your country's equivalent of TSA.  If you want to bring liquids on in your carry-on bag, they have to be in 100ml/3oz bottles that fit in a 1qt/1L ziplock bag.

    Most airlines allow you to have a purse as a 'personal item' as well as a separate carry-on bag.  Find the baggage section of your airline's website for their rules.

    A roller bag that fits within the dimensions of a carry on bag (that fits in the overhead compartment) will work fine.  Make sure that you can quickly pull out anything that needs to come out of the bag for separate screening (laptops, bag of liquids, etc).

    Ignore Pearl/Pearl L.  She posts those kinds of answers constantly.  If you follow her advice and show up with something that you can't bring, it will end up in the garbage.  You could even get arrested if it's a weapon.

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    i would just bring whatever you want, they'll let you know if youre not supposed to have it

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