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Why do people get triggered by the mask?

Let's not paint all Conservatives with the same brush. I work retail. It is a policy to wear a mask when entering our store. Most comply but there are those who don't. When we tell them to, they get angry. A few get racist. 

These are old white men (50+) who get triggered when asked to care about their presence and others' by wearing a mask. Why do they get triggered? The average shopper ij our store takes 10 minutes to shop. If they have respiratory problems, why should we have to risk ourselves and them from them choosing not to wear a mask? 

Let's not be racist. I'm a Conservative white male in my late 20s and I wear a mask. 


Don't let your 13-year-old son with asthma enter the store. He is perfectly capable of temporarily handling himself without your presence unless he lacks the capacity. Go back. 

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  • 1 month ago

    I know, it's not infringing on anyone's rights, just stay home if you are loving your 'MERICAN rights.

    Americans really do HATE change. People were literally not liking the idea of seatbelts when they were invented. Complaining it was "violating their freedom"

    Damn seriously it's not that hard, being called a 'sheep' is still better than being in a grave morons that are against masks. If if you don't get the virus, chances that you get someone's mother sick or your family sick are still there :/



    "Wear your mask and let me be, your mask works right?"

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  • KTJoe
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    1 month ago

    Give old dude and others a mask, if they aren't wearing one. As some people are just uninformed, cable TV addicts. Next your question isn't a race issue, maybe mentioning your race; white male etc...LOL 

  • 2 months ago

    Because people see it as more government control and the way people carry on about how they want Socialism..... people have every right to worry. What scares ME is how many people think the whole mask thing is no big deal, and can only think about how cool their mask looks, instead of the reality of more gov't control.

  • 2 months ago

    I was once a "stick it to the Man" dyed in the wool liberal Democrat. Then I grew up.

    That said, I always wear a mask in public places, shun and (inwardly) shame those who don't. 

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  • 2 months ago

    It's not a issue of being triggered, it's the idea that governments in the United States simply shouldn't have the power to infringe on people's individual choices. Wearing a mask is an individual choice that people should have the right to make a decision for themselves. I for one find it absolutely humorous they tell us not to touch our faces and then instruct us to wear something that requires the touching of our face, and that causes sensations that have a natural reaction to touch our face to get rid of. I've personally go with the letter of the law requiring the wearing of a cloth face covering that covers my face and mouth, but is mesh around the face and mouth area. For me it's a way to rebel against a tyrannical health order by not following the spirit in which the order is given, but in the letter. 

  • Bill
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    2 months ago

    A hundred years ago when the government mandated everyone wear masks people rioted. Tell me, what makes you think an unacceptable idea all of a sudden becomes acceptable because a 100 years pass? 

    The people said no to this mandate a hundred years ago and they are saying no to it now. Things didn't change, and people like you didn't get a damn clue either. F*uck you.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I'm not triggered by the mask, I just happen to think it was not one of Jim Carrey's best films. I prefer other films he's done. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    it is government forcing you do things that limits your freedom 

    if you do not see that,, it cannot be explained to you

    what about the 52 year old man with COPD and no one to shop for him, or work for him and he must go out. After a few minutes with the mask he is coughing and passing out because of the mask

    you can talk all day long about your leave the 13 year old out side 

    but the fact is you are saying freedom is less important than your government mandate 

    question is why are you mask Nazis triggered? 

    your mask you wear to protects you --- the power hungry people lied when they said flatten the curve and it will end soon,, now they are saying it did not flatten the curve and we need to stifle freedom even more  

    if you lied about this to gain this power... how much farther will you go ?

    the point making it clear you are the problem you said "old white men (50+)" 

    you have no idea if I am white or not and assume the rest of us follow you like sheep 

    I want to be free not controlled by another task master next thing I know you will tell me I cannot hang out with white men 50+

  • 2 months ago

    I'd have to agree on this one.For the better part of someone's WHOLE LIFE they never had to wear a mask,stop smoking in public,give up their 10 mpg vehicle ( whatever kind it is)....because....they made their money, paid their bills,stayed out of jail and bought birthday gifts.

    Noone likes change that makes them look funny or different, especially if their life ( and their immediate family) has not had any adversity ( no job loss, family illness,etc).

    Until it affects someone they know and trust ( and like) and they see that strong healthy vibrant person with a ventiliator in the hospital bed...and noticeably thinner and not quite so tan...with NO release date in sight....then...and only then....just the PAin of change become something worth acting on.


    Source(s): personal experience living in the oil and gas mecca of texas( houston) for 20+ adult years.
  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Management, or the owner of the store can tell those people to leave since they are refusing to cooperate. The owner of the store could also hire security as well if he, or she doesn't have the to tell those non cooperative customers to leave, and security can be given the authority to kick people out of the store before they even enter it.

    I think there is probably more than 1 type of air born virus, and it would be very bad if someone got more than 1 type of virus.

    The people who are 50+ probably support Mr. Dump (President of the united states, and I think this is why they are not wearing a mask in a store.) Maybe they think Trump is a genius when in reality he is an idiot.

    What comes out of my @$$ comes out of Trump's mouth, and this is what the Americans like, and support.

    Sometimes I wear masks. When I go inside of something like a bank, or something else then I will be wearing a mask, but when I am outside then this when I normally don't wear a mask. Because it's not crowded where I currently live.

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