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Is it not ok for ME to be autistic?

I'm autistic, throughout my whole life I've been treated differently, because I'm different, I would get yelled at and punished for things I didn't understand, nobody in my family has really helped me, which has led to depression. So I'm 25 now, I still dont drive, I live next to my mum and stepdad which is good but I'm not fully independent and I fear that I never will be, because I dont understand how the world works, I don't know how to do things that others do without even thinking, the anxiety is just so overwhelming for me, I have this stupid fear of taking public transport, I'm starting to cry while writing this because, I don't know what to do. My sister looks after people who have various mental health issues (autism, epilepsy etc) but then when it comes to me she says things like, the world doesn't owe you anything, stop being so lazy and do things for yourself, you need to just get over yourself. So that's why I feel like it ok for everyone else to be different but not me. I really hope someone can help me because my suicidal thoughts are happening and I dont really want to die but if I did, there would be no more autistic moments, no more anxiety, no more pain and suffering, no more being ignored and no more feeling different, I'll just be a dead person. Please help me.


Best answer person if you come back, I dont know how we could talk to each other, I haven't been on Yahoo answers for years 

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    Yes it's okay. I wish I could talk to you one on one more somehow and help you. I know how isolated you must feel, and especially thinking that you don't belong. Saying "the world doesnt owe you anything" and "stop being lazy and do things for yourself" can be some of the most intense and terrifying things to say to a person on the spectrum. Our brains are completely different, we genuinely cannot be held to the same societal expectations as neurotypicals, and when we are held to these standards yet fail to succeed it can be demoralizing and quite an existential problem where suicide seems like the only option. I'm sorry that anyone would say these things to you, they don't understand the autistic brain. Please don't die. It's okay if you never learn to drive, it's okay if you never can do things for yourself that neurotypical people can do. You are worthy, you are YOU, and you are allowed to be different.. I feel so sad reading your post

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    It's not OK that you keep coming here begging for attention with your constant pity me BS over and over you weak little poser.

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