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Can you get out of a lease if you haven’t got the keys and your rental was supposed to go into effect August 1st?

Hi everyone, so I signed a contract renting this place for a year. I was supposed to get the keys July 31st. I never got a phone call from the landlord or anyone. I reached out to the landlord by email July 31st and tried calling. I sent a message to him August 2nd saying I wanted out of the lease because I had to pay another months rent where I’m at so I’m going to just stay where I’m at since I haven’t got my keys. He’s saying he waited on me to move in for two weeks so I signed a year contract he’s holding me to it and I could of called his friend for the keys. I’ve never been given his friends number, I don’t know where to get it. Can I do anything about this when I still haven’t got my keys or took possession of the property?

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    No, A lease is legally binding the minute you sign it.  They are not contingent on moving in.  He can charge you what ever lease break fee was stated in the lease. 

    You could try suing based on him not giving you the keys on time however you would have to be able to prove he was at fault. Incuding proving you never got the necessary contact info.  It would be up to the judge on who they believe.  You lose & you then owe court fees on top of the lease break fee. 

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    " I signed a contract renting this place for a year" You are legally obligated to pay rent regardless of if you are living there or not and regardless if you have not bothered to collect the keys or not for the term of your contract and if you wish to breach the contract then you need to read your contract to see if there is an early termination clause and what it will cost you.....

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    You signed a contract. You cant just walk away for free.

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    you can't just abandon the contract, a few day delay ( WITH LL AT FAULT FOR IGNORING YOU AND NOT GIVING YOU THE KEYS) will not void the don't have to pay for the days you didn't have the keys and if you incurred expenses above that FOR THOSE FEW DAYS can sue the landlord...for example, had you stayed at a hotel and paid for storage, you could sue the landlord.

    you do not get to demand the new landlord pay another month rent at the place you were supposed to be vacating.

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    You signed a contract, there is some obligation on you to do something about getting into the property.  This isn't your landlord's faulty, he's entitled to make you honor that contract.

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