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Help! My mom wont let her rabbit run free in the house!?

What do i do? It stays in the cage all the time and is being fed only pellets and has a water bottle. These are all bad things for her. How do i tell her that she is doing the wrong thing?


She said that she felt sorry for the people letting their rabbits run free and that only 1 out of 1 million people let their rabbits run free. This is bad for the rabbit's health.

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    Look up advice on your computer and show her. A rabbit has a sense of fun so just imagine how it feels in a stupid little cage? Tell her to build a framework with mesh in the garden so it can have some space. Be the rabbit's mouth and tell her from the rabbit's point of view, what life is like to simply exist with nothing but food and water. Tell her that fresh vegetables are a must-have for rabbits. If that all fails, mother or not, cruelty to animals is against the law so tell her you will report her as it is not just the rabbit, but you who is also stressing out

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    Have you made any effort to rabbit-proof the house? The rabbit is safer in it's cage than a house full of cords and things it can chew that might hurt it. Also rabbit pellets have been designed to provide rabbits with a healthy diet. Feeding it the wrong types of fruits and veggies could easily upset it's digestion, which can be fatal in rabbits. How would you propose giving the rabbit water? Rabbits are notorious for flipping over water bowls/dishes. A water bottle is a completely acceptable solution, so long as it has fresh clean water that is changed regularly and is easy to access. The rabbit might benefit from some exercise, and stimulation, but your Mom is correct, most pet rabbits feel more secure in the safety of their cages. 

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    Given your concerns about the rabbit, contact a local veterinary and seek their advice.

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