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how to prevent razor burn URGENT :( ?

i’m a 16 yo girl and my mom never properly taught me how to shave my legs. one day she just gave me a razor and that’s it. she doesn’t even use shaving cream. 

i have been watching videos on how to properly do it bc whenever i shave my legs and my stomach i constantly get razor burn and i have strawberry legs. it makes me rlly insecure and i actually just got over crying about it haha. no matter what i do i always get razor burn. especially under my belly and thighs. it hurts and itches a lot. 

my mom finally let me buy shaving cream and i shave after taking a warm shower. then i put a lot of shaving cream and my razor has three blades and i shave and after that i rinse my legs off with warm water then rinse them off in cool water to close my pores. lastly i moisturize. yet i still get razor burn. it’s so ugly and embarrassing. what am i doing wrong?? please please help :((

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  • drip
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    2 months ago

    I have  thick course hair and sensitive skin.

    I used a moisturizing soap and a sharp new razor. Do NOT  use the disposable razors. They just chew up my legs. Get one that you change out the blades. Use short strokes. I rinse with cool water.  I do not put on lotion immediately.  That just irritates my skin after shaving. 

    Have you thought of getting an electric razor?

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Rinse your leg hair with warm water to soften up the leg hair. Then add the shaving cream. Shave with the grain, so shave from your knee to your foot and not the other way around like you see on tv. Notice that they don’t have any hair. Go slow. 

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