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ladies can you still fit into your high school prom dress?

I just graduated college (im 22) and I've been cleaning out my closet and just found my prom dress that I wore back in high school when I was 17 and damn was I skinny. that dress is like a size 2 and I remember back then I was so self conscious because all my friends were 0 or 00. I tried putting it on and LOL ive gained so much weight the 2 sides of the zipper are miles away. maybe I might try dieting and see if I can lose weight to fit back in it but I keep seeing these youtubers and people retry their prom dresses so was wondering if other women are also able to fit into them?

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  • 2 months ago

    their clothing other than jackets such as hoodies and shirts in style or fashionable?

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    Our bodies change as our environments, routines, metabolisms, and stress levels, change. Why should you feel guilty or sad about not fitting in a prom dress from years ago that you will literally never wear anywhere again? I understand you may feel the desire to be thinner, but it doesn't sound like you were happy even when you were wearing a size 2. Also, remember that youtubers and influencers don't represent the majority. Plently of women, and I would bet most women, including myself, cannot fit into their prom dresses. It is an unrealistic standard to set yourself to. Remember losing weight is not some magical cure that will solve your problems and make you more attractive or lovable. I would focus less on losing weight and more on treating your body with kindness by giving it all the nutrition it needs and by staying active. And donate that damn dress! It does no use sitting in your closet and making you feel bad about yourself. 

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