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Should I be concern because It says I’m freshman in college even though I’m sophomore? ?

I recently transfer school because I was at a community college for 1 year and transfer out to 4 years university in this upcoming fall semester.  On my degree work in this 4 years university, it says I’m freshman even though I’m sophomore. From my freshman year at the community college, got a total of 52 credits within my freshman year alone. With this upcoming fall semester, I will have a total of 68 credits. I emailed my advisor about this situation but she said I transferred only 52 credits, which is not enough to be sophomore in this university, but u only need 120 credits to graduate. My previous advisor told me I’m ahead as a freshman, but this advisor in this university told me it’s not enough to be a sophomore. Is there anyway I should be concern because they placed me as a freshman instead of a sophomore? 


I got 52 credits within my first year because all the AP classes and dual credits included. She said 52 credits transfer to university. Sorry for the confusion. 

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    Yes, because you seem confused about how credits are counted and what you need to do to gradate in 2 more years. I think you need to meet with your advisor and also someone in the registrar's office. Whether or not you are considered a freshman or sophomore doesn't really matter as much as where you are in relationship to earning your degree. Consider the following:

    1. It is impossible to earn 52, let alone 68 semester credits in a year.  That would be over 22 classes per semester.  The average is 5 classes per semester. How many classes did you take?  How many credits were earned per class?  

    2. It is very normal for a university to not accept some community college credits.  If a CC class doesn't have an equivalent at the university, the university won't accept the credit.  Whatever it is you think you earned, you need to figure that out and then understand which of our CC classes were accepted and which credits transferred. 

    3. In addition to a minimum number of credits, you also have to complete the specific courses required by the university for your major to graduate. 

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    4 months ago

    You can not earn 52 credits after two semesters. 32 credits perhaps,  it not 52.

    You need to call your university. If you are in the ISA none of this sounds right

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    Talk to the Registrar's Office. They are the people who can explain how many of your credits actually transferred and why.

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    First, class standing really doesn't matter all that much except often in case of registration order.

    Second, I don't believe for a second that you have 52 credits from one year of community college.  That's about 16-17 courses a semester.  But even if you did take that many, it's very possible that not all of them transferred.

    If you are really concerned, then contact the university registrar's office.  They can help clarify.

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  • 4 months ago

    I find it hard to believe you have 52 credit from 1 year of school. That equates to more than 8.5 classes per semester. You really expect anyone to believe that?

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    Even if you're talking about quarter credits instead of semester credits, you should only need 45 to be considered a sophomore. 

    Are you sure all of your credits transferred? Remedial, applied science and vocational classes taken in community college often don't transfer into a four-years bachelor's degree program. That said, your advisor appeared to admit you transferred with 52 credits, so that's more than sufficient to not be considered a freshman. 

    Make an appointment with your advisor to discuss it. Don't just call up and expect she'll have time to speak with you; there's likely an appointment schedule where you can block off a half-hour for a conference call to discuss this in more detail.

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    not all community college credits are acceptable at Uni.  your uni status reflects what they've allowed.

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    I’ve never heard of that. Usually 30 completed credits makes you a sophomore, 60 completed credits makes you a junior, and 90 completed credits make you a senior. You should fall into the sophomore level and after completing your fall credits, you should be a junior. It’s different for every college, but that doesn’t sound right. How do you have 52 credits after only one year? That’s like really ahead for most people. The only reason I would be concerned is when registration for classes come around. They usually let the upper level students register first, so when you’re a lower level it can be harder to sign up because classes fill up quick. I would see if you can talk to someone else because that sounds wrong to me.

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