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My sister does everything wrong. Whats the deal?


My sister does so many things wrong and its like a lack of care but I dont understand it. If there was dish soap & hand soap she'd over pour dish soap into her hand to wash them. To clean a mess, she would take the hand towel to clean it (yes literally went through 6 in a day after I kept having to hang new ones up) when there was a wash cloth or paper towels right there. She will use the milk, or creamer then just leave it out. Never put it away even if you ask her to. She will wash her clothes, spill the detergent & just leave it. She lost her drivers license and has received 8 tickets so far for driving w/a suspended license.  Her work wouldn't let her come back in until she took a COVID-19 test. She took it and hadn't heard back from them so she called them, and they said "We would only call you back if it was positive." Instead of her replying back, "So if its negative, then when can I come back to work?" she just hung up on them and never called again or went back to work. (It's been 2 months, shes unemployed now) She is 26 and I am 24. I am a mom and I work and own a house. She is unemployed, jumps from house to house and has no ambitious or desire to do anything but freeload off of family. What's going on? We can't say anything without us become the bad guy. She has a lack of care in everything she does. It's like the ability for her to function as an adult is gone. She lacks social skills. She will snap over anything. Any idea on what her condition is? thanks

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    You should avoid her until you know she does not have COVID-19 and even better get tested yourself just to rule it out. Your sister likely does these things by accident and so if you show patience it will come back to benefit you. 

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