Is it still worth buying PS4?

I’m thinking about buying a PS4, but I’m aware that PS5 is right around the corner. 

Is it still worth buying PS4 or should I just wait for 5?

PS4 will be cheaper and games will still come out on it years after 5 is released. And I also got told that 5 will have technical issues upon release that will need to be ironed out. 

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  • Stacie
    Lv 4
    2 months ago

    If you are okay spending the money, I would hold out for the PS5. These only come out every 7 years or so... you've waited this long. Just wait a couple more months and pick up the 5.

    It will be backwards playable for ps4 games, that's already been confirmed.

    I'm guessing it will actually hit the market at 699.

    By next year it will be 599 and in 2 more years it will be 499 with a pro or upgraded version back at the 699 price.

    However waiting even dint think it's worth it.

    Since it's already set to support 8k (and almost nobody is ready for that yet) I think it's worth getting it as is because there isnt really anything to hold out on any more after it. PS4 came out when 4k was breaking so people were a but upset that it didn't have 4k and it was possibly worth upgrading to the pro down the road.

    However it being 8k and already fulley VR ready... Im not sure it's worth waiting for anything else. This is already a good set up.

    So my suggestion... save your cash and wait for the PS5 release and get it.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

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  • 2 months ago

    If it's worth it to you, it's worth it.

    People fall into three groups:

    early adopters: buy the system as soon as they can on the hopes good games come out.

    late adopters:  Wait until the bugs have been worked out of both the firmware and hardware and a large library already exists.

    waiters: People who are always waiting for the next best thing, only to wait for it to lower in price for so long that the next best thing is on the way so they wait again.  This continuous waiting loop doesn't get you anywhere. 

    So why are you just now thinking about a PS4?  are you in the late adopters group?  If so, that's fine.  Get the PS4, get games on the cheap, and enjoy yourself.

    If you are in the waiters group, you may want to rethink your strategy.

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