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Is the House of Lords a retirement home funded by the uk taxpayer?

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    It's a crucial part of the UK Parliamentary process, as the Lords (Life, Hereditary and Spiritual) scrutinise the Government and the potential Acts/Laws they wish to pass, making amendments and suggestions to the potential Bill for the betterment of the public at large.

    All members of the Lords are experts in at least one field; from business to agriculture to technology to sport and all points inbetween. That's why they've been selected to be there. There are those who also have particular life experience such as Lord John Bird (someone who was homeless on the streets of London from the age of 14, arrested for theft, learned to read and write in prison and created "The Big Issue" magazine) who speaks up for matters on extreme poverty; or Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson (gold medal winning paralympian) who speaks up on matters regarding the disabled; or Baroness Doreen Lawrence (mother of black teenager, Stephen Lawrence, murdered in a racist attack) who speaks regarding Police and Judicial reform.

    They all hold the Government to account, regardless of which party they may associate with - and of course there are the "cross-benchers" who have no political affiliation. None of the Lords receive a regular salary, they are only paid if they turn up - and not all of them will on every vote, as it would be pointless for an expert in computing to be there if the debate was only about farming.

    The Lords have prevented, or brought to public attention, many unpleasant Acts that have been attempted to be implemented by a government. They were the first to object to Margaret Thatcher's "Poll Tax"; they also put a stop to Tony Blair's attempt to force everyone in the UK to carry an identity card and be subject to arrest if you couldn't produce it when asked.

    They're a useful bunch and our check on Parliament overreach will suffer if the present government get their way and shove the Lords off to York out of the way.

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