(Gay relationship advice) me and the guy im datings had an argument what do i do...?

(Back story we’re gay but not out, im top and hes bottom i know we all act different, for people who understand he acts more like a girl so he expects the boy to speak first just as a girl would)

We’ve been talking for 3 weeks everything was going well but last night he said something out of line. I probably over reacted a bit but at the time it upset me i explained it upset me and he tried to explain his side of the story i said im going to sleep and we haven’t spoken since normally he texts me saying good morning?

I understand hes the bottom so just like a girl would think, its the guy (the top) who usually talks first but im not sure what to do. 

I want to speak to him but i dont want to always be the one to text especially when I feel like I didn’t do anything wrong. 

I feel like i over reacted but what he said was out of line, how long should i leave it before texting him?

2 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    You are not being dominant enough, you have to put your foot down and make sure he understands that what you say goes.

  • 2 months ago

    The fact that you are thinking this is about roles or femininity/masculinity is quite dumb.

    Clearly you are the one that has to do the 1st move.

    Why ? Because you were the one that did not hear his side and basically gave him a "**** off" (by what you wrote) and went to sleep, obviously you should have listened to him and further discuss the issue so that both of you could go to bed in a good note.

    Its not about right or wrong, feminine or masculine, if you did not liked something he said, you should have expressed it calmly and let him explain himself on why he said what he did (which you gave no context of), and basically come to a mutual understanding before going to sleep, as its much more awkward to discuss the issue in the next day wen the 2 people are sulking at each other.

    *EDIT* Its a troll, post history has a question from 2h ago whit the same thing but whit a girlfriend.

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