What is the meaning of "default into something" in this context?

I am not sure what is meant by "default into" in the following quote from a book (about the biblical story of Queen Esther;

"I just got off the phone after laughing and talking with an expectant mom quarantined to a hospital bed until her baby is born. When I prayed for her, I reminded her she was God’s first and only choice to birth that baby boy. You may have no trouble applying “chosen-ness” to an expectant mom but think you defaulted into your position. Esther shows that ordinary events are never coincidental in the lives of God’s people."

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    default means that there was not an active choice, it happened because you did not act to make it not happen, and life (or whatever the larger situation would be) will end up there unless you do something to make it not end up there.

    Basically, not doing anything will get you there, probably.  You don't choose it, except by choosing to not choose something else.  Default is what happens when you don't make it not happen.  It is the option that comes from not choosing anything.

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    It's talking about preconceptions.  When I see the name Eli for example my default position is that your parents are very religious.  

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