Lost weight but face looks larger than ever and clothes tighter...help? ?

Male) aged 30) 6ft tall) 160-163lbs) I’m naturally an ectomorph (tall and slim) (but now I have skinny fat vibes) 

6 months ago my face got larger looking mainly around the cheeks and middle of face) and made me look skinnier as it was then out of proportion to my skinny fat body (I have a severe pot belly too) but it went larger too. as I gained weight from 11.1 stone to 11.10 stone. 

Recently I went down to 11.3 again and jogged but hardly any difference definitely but looks larger too. as I want and I still have the pot belly and larger sized head and my body seems larger overall too. . It’s difficult to get below 11.3 stone even with fasting tbh so that’s the threshold. 

◾️Black pants I wore a few months ago for work seem tighter and my legs look more longitudinal in them around the bottom half of legs. 

See Iv been jogging most nights in my garden and fasting mostly too and it’s made me drop on the scale but can’t see a difference) I try eating between 6-8pm and that’s it. I was a few lbs more in 2018 and look thinner and thinner faced and clothes fitted better. 

I drank a lot of water yesterday will that help?  

◾️I’m down to 11.2 now and my face looks larger than ever and I was a lot thinner faced when I was last that weight in 2018 so I don’t get why /: 

Can pm pics if needed

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