Funko Pop Doctor Who - Any news about new ones?

Have collected all in this theme so far but have not heard anything about any new ones for some time.  I believe the last one that was brought out was Pting.  Seems a fairly long time since that one.  I guess new ones will come out around the time of the new series later in the year, but my sources have no news what characters there may be so far.  

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  • 2 months ago
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    The few places here in Italy, I have seen them for sale......... I only get blank looks when I ask about new Dr. Who ones. 

    It appears Italians are just clueless when it comes to Dr. Who- 

    Marvel and Star Wars, we got out the Wazoo...........but, no seems to have even heard of this  "Dr. Who"   fella. 

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