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How to introduce 2 kittens?

My current kitten is 4 months old, friendly with strangers and very affectionate and playful. She's also a bold and curious kitten, usually takes risks a lot.

My new kitten coming soon is around 2 months old, grew up living with many other cats (my current kitten grew up with several other kittens) and is said to also be friendly and playful.

So how do I introduce them?


We're almost there, the two kitties have met. Older kitty is displaying dominance and playing rough. They were not hissing though luckily.

Update 2:

Older kitten keeps play fighting and new kitten is getting a bit scared (but again, no claws or hissing occured.)

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    You will put the new kitten in a small room such as a bathroom, near where the resident kitten normally hangs around. The separation allows the first kitten to get used to the scent of the new kitten, and her just being in the house. 

    Keep in mind that cats and kittens aren't too fond of sudden change, although kittens will adjust more quickly.

    Allow your kitten to sniff under the door and get used to the newcomer at her own pace - do not push things. She may hiss a bit, at first, but then get more curious. Once she begins to play "paw games" under the door, you know she is interested in the baby. You can put little toys or rolled up paper balls under the door for them to push back and forth.

    After a few days of their playing in this manner, you can begin to feed them near one another. Put the dishes about 6 feet apart and be sure they don't share at first. Each day, you can move the dishes just a bit closer, until they are near one another. If you encounter any hissing or upset, go back a couple steps until the resident kitten is comfortable.

    Rushing introductions does not help cats to be friends. Telling them they should be friends won't help, either. You just need to take it slow and allow your first kitten to be the leader in this. She will likely become used to the new kitten and eventually be great friends - if you take it slow, and don't push a new kitten into her environment without "her consent". 

    Keep in mind that this can take between 2 and 4 weeks, depending on the cats, although it could go more smoothly if older kitten is "bold and curious" as you have said.

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    There are many videos on YouTube about it.  See channels named Claire luv cat or cole & marmalade they explained & showed it very well 

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