I'd like to know what the last sentence means. I guess he was married in 1975. ?

The White House—just a hundred days into Bill Clinton’s first term—was feeling a bit besieged in April 1993; the president had been elected with only 43 percent of the vote. His honeymoon had been a rainout.

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    "Honeymoon" here does not refer to marriage. A new president is said to have a "honeymoon" period- a time when his election makes Congress likely to go along with the things he proposes. This didn't happen with Clinton because he didn't get a clear majority of the vote. So it was difficult for him to get anything done with Congress. Later, after his second election, things got better, and he and Congress were able to agree on a balanced budget- which George W. threw away in order to wage war in the Middle East. 

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    It means he really didn't have a honeymoon, meaning a break-in period right after assuming office as the new president. It has nothing to do with marriage.

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    metaphorical honeymoon.  a period of bliss, good feelings following an event. 

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