Need help with new hand tattoo aftercare?

So I just got a new hand tattoo on my index finger. I work as an industrial electrician at a mill, so I'm constantly dirty and wearing gloves most of the time. Since getting it 2 weeks ago, almost half the ink has disappeared. I think it could be due to me sweating a lot under the gloves or because of washing my hands or both. Are there any things I could wear around it until it's fully healed after I get it touched up next weekend? The artist recommended latex gloves or ceram wrap, but that made the sweating much worse and drew more ink out.

1 Answer

  • Laura
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Finger tattoos are very difficult to heal.  You should take a week off work to let the tattoo heal.  If you get it touched up and don't put your hands in the correct conditions, you will have the same thing happen.  You need to keep a tattoo clean and dry.  If that can't happen, you shouldn't get it touched up.  

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