Why couldn't the United Irishmen defeat the British in 1798?


? Big goose on the corner of Mulberry lane what the hell are you talking about.

Update 2:

British had better weapons and artillery.

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    2 months ago
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    They were peaceful Catholics.

    The English/Scotish Armys had rendered them as  a defeated nation  (Much like the USA)

    Since slavery/serfdom was the standard the English/Scots Crown created charters for plantations, and put them to work.

    Unlike the American slaves, being oppressed for 400 years.

    The Irish were oppressed some 800 years.

    And The reason the USA has a 2A in its constitution.


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    2 months ago

    First off the Irish needed a united front, which even though the title indicated they really didn't. Second an organized military with trained and experienced leadership, arms and food. The Irish could never provide this. Any leadership was largely elected and if the leader made a decision the rebels didn't like they could walk away, you can't run an army like that. In 1798 the only source of arms would have been the French, and the British had that well in hand because they patrolled the channel.  The rebels always had a business or a farm that was falling apart while they were fighting. In addition all the British had to do was strike at the homes and farms of the rebels and the rebellion fell apart there and then

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    2 months ago

    Why did the Zulu uprising fail?

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    2 months ago

    They werent united against the english. Their full title was "united irshmen against the big goose on the corner of mulberry lane". They lost against that, too

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