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I just found out my 22 year old daughter had spent $300-$400 every month on mobile games and I am pretty upset. What should I do?

My 22 year old daughter has a full time job and is still living in my house as she is not married yet. She earns about $1800 every month and transfers $1000 to my bank account every month. $400 is for her to pay the rent to me and the remaining $600 is the amount I help her save every month so that she will have a tidy sum of money ready when she moves out.  Today, I found out that she had spent around $300-$400 on mobile games every month. I was pretty upset and heartbroken about it as I felt that she was just wasting her hard earned money on mobile games. How can I convince her to spend less on mobile games and encouraged her to save up more money instead? I do know it's her own money, but I am still upset that she seems to be wasting it instead of saving up for rainy days. Thanks for any advice.

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    Right so, for all the "she can do what she wants" advocates down below, disregard them entirely. If YOUR child is living in YOUR house, they're, by default, expected to follow some of your rules. They need to be following your rules because 

    a.) They're still on your insurance, which YOU'RE paying for

    b.) They're most likely eating YOU'RE food which YOU'RE paying for

    c.) The cost of upkeep to a home, including the mortgage, electric, gas, odds and ends, etc are what YOU'RE paying for

    Sure, it's good she's paying you rent, but I can guarantee she's splurging on gaming because she's knows that you're her safety net in case anything goes sideways. When someone is truly on their own, the "extras" in life vanish pretty quick. 

    Do you/her have a plan for when she'll be on her own? Letting children live with you into their 20's is.....not healthy for their development. I don't know the situation or why she's still with you, but there needs to be a set date for the eventual egress of your daughter.

    As for the actual way people spend their money....I would just use examples from your own life to tell her the value of saving. This generation's concept of money is almost entirely digital, and therefore has less value. Give someone three hundred dollars in 1's, and you'd be amazed at how much more they think about what they're spending on when they can "feel it". Tell her that the habits you start now will absolutely be the ones you keep in the future. 

    There's a reason we all have that "one friend" who is ALWAYS begging other people for money, car rides, cigarettes, cell phone use, etc. Tell her that financial freedom is one of the best freedoms someone can have. I'm nearly 30 now, not much older than your daughter, but hell if some of my friends aren't in 80K worth of debt and will spend the next twenty years paying it off at 15% interest.

    That anvil of debt is a terrible feeling. I'm glad my parents taught me how to save when they did and that I've whittled my debt down to a manageable size.

    Good luck.

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    She pays you what she agreed to pay, why do you care what she blows her money on? It's actually none of your business!

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    You should teach her about investing, get her to put her money into stocks, and if she doesn't......kick her out.  It's very harsh, I know but if she is wasting her money on app games, put her in the real world, that way she will spend her money on things that are important, like RENT, and FOOD.     

           hope you get some advice from one of us down here, good luck.

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    You should just encourage her to make her own hand drawn money at home and use that to buy stuff with instead.

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    If she is self supporting NOTHING it is her life and her money,  You have no responsibility to continue to support her.  She is an adult.  At 22 she should not need her mommie to help her save.

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    It is her money, you have nothing to say about it,,,Im sure you already have. Just leave it alone.

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    Keeping her own money for her to save isn’t helping her at all. She darn well old enough to budget and save herself.

    You should be sitting down with her and showing her how to use a budget. There are some great apps. My daughter budgets every single penny.  She knows how much each month she can spends in groceries, clothing, utilities. She keeps account of every dollar she spends. Then goes over how is did at the end of the month and draws up next months budget.  

    Show her in black and white where her money goes. 

    Don’t save for her, she never learn how to do it herself. You have given her a fall back. I can spend this money because my rent is paid and mom has a savings for me. 

    If $400 is for rent and utilities. $600 in savings.   Who buys her personal toiletries? Clothes. Gas. Car insurance. Cell phone bill.  Health needs. Can she pay for All that and spend $400 on games? 

    Teach her to budget herself.

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    2 months ago

    kick her out of the house and quit enabling her. the less u enable your children the faster they grow up. 

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    So she already gives you over HALF of her HER money, and you're bitching because of the bit she keeps for herself, she spends some of it on something that she enjoys? You say you're upset that she's not saving it, but you also said that $600 of what she gives you goes towards savings. How about this, it's HER money, she can spend it as she chooses. I'm not going to even get into the atrocity of charging your child rent to live at home.

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    What's it to you?

    She's an adult, and she's making her own life choices. Once the rent is paid, it's her money to spend / save / waste. 

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