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Was I in the wrong for asking a healthy strong 80 year old to give up his seat for a woman whos the same age ?

That can barely stand and walking with a cain. Due to covid reasons they got rid of all the chairs in the bank except one and I asked a guy if he could give up his chair for and another elderly lady who was walking with a cain and can barely stand. The man   complained and grumble and said that he was 80 and that he wasnt giving his chair up and said i was even wrong for asking him. Im just the security guard in this place and wanted to know was i even wrong for asking ? The man looked healthy and could stand and walk perfectly. What would you have done in this situation ?


For you information. I mentioned that there was only 1 chair in the bank . Only 1. All the rest of the chairs were thrown out

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    2 months ago
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    Cain as in "Cain and Abel?"  Amazing in ways!

    I would stick to my duties - guarding the bank - and either get a chair for the woman (I can't believe the chairs were "thrown out") or bring the situation to the attention of the manager.

    Unless you're a Physician (which I highly doubt in view of your career as a rent a copy) I'd suggest that you can't guess anyone's physical health.

    And, again, "Cain and Abel?"

  • Alan H
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    2 months ago

    Why not provide an extra chair?  Why should elderly customers suffer for the bank’s inadequacy?  They are no nearer each other, seated or standing.    How could you assess his health, anyway?.  

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    No, as that is just quite considerate.

  • Dan
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    2 months ago

    I'd have gotten another chair for the lady. It's a bank, you can find an extra chair somewhere. 

    Yeah I think it was wrong to ask the older man to give up his seat. You have no way of knowing if he was in pain or feeling dizzy. 

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