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I use DuckDuckGo andMozilla Firefox, I got rid of Google in my life and from all my devices. Have I escaped from being spied on by Google?

I have some more additional details I want to know in relation to my question:

-I've set up on my phone and laptop to ensure my privacy is protected from getting spied on by Google and every tracker. (Detail)

-If I sign in to any Google products using Mozilla Firefox and DuckDuckGo,  can and will DuckDuckGo still protect me from Google? (Question 1)

-Since I'm using DuckDuckGo and Mozilla Firefox having my privacy settings already set up to ensure my privacy gets respected and I email anybody who have Gmail accounts, does DuckDuckGo block and cross out all my contents I've sent to the person who has Gmail such as the email conversation between me and him/her, attachments that person and I sent to each other and everything else such as my Facebook messages especially my voice being muted when I have my video chats with people? (Question 2)

-Since I've gotten rid of using all Google products from all my devices and in my life, have I escaped from Google spying on me in everything I do especially all my movements everywhere I go? (Question 3)

-Am I completely anonymous on the internet using DuckDuckGo and Mozilla Firefox with this overall question linking to my 3 questions and my detailed sentence on the first hyphen?

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  • Adrian
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    6 months ago

    #1, no. If using any Google "product", they know who you are...

    #2 No, DuckDuckgo is just a search engine, it does not block anything

    #3 No again. Most web sites run some form of Google adware or tracking, and it is hard to block all of it as it changes over time. The web site will report your activity to Google, though it may not actually identify you. But, it can report your IP address, ISP, location, and other information they can gather by running scripts when you connect to the web site.

    To get an idea of what web sites run when you connect, try installing "NoScript" as a Firefox add-on. Disable, by default, scripts. When you check NoScript when running, you can see the dozens of "other" sites and scripts that are connected to your machine, but blocked until you allow them to run. If you block all scripts, most web sites fail to display properly on your machine.

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