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It was the first time my granddaughter came to me and confided about her battle with oral and genital herpes and her self destructive thoughts.

A gaping vacuum of fear and love opened inside me. I knew what it felt like for her to be in such a situation. But after hearing how someone I loved so dearly struggled I have no option but to promise her help. I wanted to help in all possible ways. I sought counsels from an old and experienced nurse whom I've known to deal on natural herbs because I believed in nature. After hearing from me she smiled and before I could say another word she replied me there's cure but natural herbs. I don't care as long as my child is cured! I shouted. She told me about a doctor in Africa who has cured people of herpes. She gave me his email I contacted him for my child. I got the herbs I ordered from him. My granddaughter started medication and the next day she told me it's working and within four weeks she testified to me that she's cured! I've always believed that nature has cure for any diseases and I'm happy to tell everyone my child is cured. 

Six months later before she found love we went for another test to be sure and here is the result, 

Six months after medications;

Her hsv1&2 test results;

Igm - 1.49

IgG - 0.36

She don't have any symptoms again and has moved on happily and is now in a serious relationship with her fiancee

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    It looks kinda weird tbh. I do believe herbs and stuff may cure diseases but its a 50/50. I've heard of someone in Central America that was "curing" people with AIDS, Herpes, HPV. He mysteriously "died". Maybe it is true maybe it's not. I think there's a reason why Herpes has been said to be incurable because there's no cure. If something those herbs suppressed the virus so much it doesn't show up anymore. Anyhow i don't think it even works lol.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Stop trying to use YA to promote your scam. Nobody’s buying your fake cure. Go fûck yourself. 

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