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Why do most Atlantic hurricanes begin in Africa?

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    Its a complex answer, so the short version is this-

    Low pressure systems form when hot air rises and mixes with cool air, and then rain forms when going over water. Now this is the complex version:

    1- Where the storms generally form in Africa is where there is a clash between the hot and dry  air of the Sahara Desert vs the cooler yet humid of the Gulf Of Guniea, this then forms what is called the "Africa Jet" which blows west to east"

    2- The storms start off small, and then go out into the Atlantic where they have all this moisture and water to work with. Because the ocean is 26C or warmer, it adds fuel and strength to these storms, which can blow up into Hurricanes, and depending on the dymanics can really move  in almost any dierecton.

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    The reason why most Atlantic hurricanes begin in Africa is b/c most Atlantic hurricanes do not begin in Africa.

    Classic case of Begging the Question.

    Climatological Areas of Origin and Typical Hurricane Tracks by Month


    oyubis' 'answer' is nothing more than world-class handing-waving.  Many ... many words but somehow never gets around to answering the question which of course makes it Yahoo! Answers' ideal candidate for BA.

    Once again ... James Blackley demonstrates for al the world to see how little meteorology he understands.

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