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Why and how badly misused was Booker T in TNA?

Listened to the tales of the crypt hall of fame show with booker t and he did a fun recap of his two years in TNA I didn’t follow wrestling much during this time but what stuck out is he said he did have any feud with either Kurt angle, sting or Kevin Nash.... and he never held the world title in that company either.... how and why was he so badly misused? He said he wanted to go to TNA for the lighter schedule but it was also during this time he was suspended under the WWE wellness policy

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    With the revolving door of Bookers, Writers, Office Politics and Huge Egos in TNA during that time, what do you expect? What did TNA President Dixie Carter know about Professional Wrestling? She knew whatever The Wrestlers told her. A lot of good Wrestlers came and went through Impact Wrestling and that is still true today. As I told AJ Styles a few years ago at a Meet and Greet, TNA letting you leave turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to his career.

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